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‘With In Our Hearts Blind Hope, Palma Studios created an extraordinary artwork for an extraordinary setting.  In a post-pandemic era, the Studios charted the journey we have all shared, from despair to hope, from deep loss to great joy.  Through vivid images and a commissioned sound score, Blind Hope led the audience on a huge emotional journey from intimate tender moments to its euphoric climax.  It was a profoundly moving experience for everyone involved.’


'I can add nothing more to the feedback from audiences that you moved in their hundreds of thousands.  

 I can't tell you how much you have ignited our year of culture and created a momentum we thought unachievable.

I was lost for words at the intelligence, artistry and spectacle of it.'

MARTIN GREEN, CEO & DIRECTOR, Hull UK City of Culture 2017

'You created a canvas where there was none before. Now you have to fill it every year, or it will be missed!'


'I am so impressed with the results you achieved. The video projections are absolutely stunning and I am so grateful for all your incredible hard work. Thank you!'

Bradley Hemmings MBE, The Great Exhibition of the North Closing Ceremony

"They watched in awe as stunning images of Hull's past, from the thriving but tragic fishing industry to the crazy delights of Hull Fair, flashed before them on the walls of the city's most iconic buildings. The event laid down the gauntlet for 2017 in mesmerising style, with a feast of sounds and images that turned the city centre into one huge canvas. Crowds who flocked to Queen Victoria Square were glued to the striking images that surrounded them as they were projected on to City Hall, Ferens Art Gallery and the Maritime Museum."


'Zsolt is a great guy to work with. His best work with us was on the animated sequence we did with Ben Hibon for Mirror Mirror. He tuned into the director's vision and quickly gained his confidence. He's a lovely guy to work with, and a snappy dresser to boot - I would recommend him highly.'

Mirror, Mirror, One Of Us, Dominic Parker

'Amazing retrospective show with brilliant background projections'

'Zseniális háttérvetítéssel megtámogatott profi múltidéző show'

Lovasi 50 Budapest Arena, Magyar Narancs

'Lovasi András születésnapi szuperbulijára Londonból érkezett haza Balogh Zsolt személyében egy olyan kreatív projektfelelős, aki különleges látványvilágot ígért. És nemcsak ígérte, hanem meg is csinálta.'

Lovasi 50,

'Megkockáztatom, ennyire erős vizuális háttere hazai előadó koncertjének még nem volt.'

Lovasi 50, Magyar Nemzet



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