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LOVE DEATH AND HULL with the poet Philip Larkin

An immersive visual installation featuring archival material from the post-war British poet Philip Larkin.


Philip Larkin, one of England’s greatest post-war poets, steered away from the limelight during his life. In this immersive experience, Palma Studio collaborated with The City of Hull to delve into their archive to explore his great life. The installation titled, Love Death & Hull takes the viewer on an emotional journey through some of Larkin’s most famous poems and offers a glimpse into his real life with archival audio recordings, photography, and videos. 

After being displayed at Hull Central Library in December of 2022 the installation is now looking for venues to exhibit the Philip Larkin Experience.


To inquire about exhibiting the 30-minute-long, immersive timed performance please contact:

Tel: 07855328624

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