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(Victoria and Albert Museum)

We were asked to design an exciting visual storytelling space transporting the visitors to the festival grounds of Glastonbury. The aim was to create a loose narrative that showed the diversity and creativity of festival.


Palma Studio designed a walk in three sided pyramid structure with all three sides covered with front and back projection material, so visitors could experience the content walking around or sitting down inside.
  We proposed a concept of organising the vast amount of content of over 100 hours of film and audio recordings using Maslow’s pyramid of human needs theory. This approach created  a loose and easy to follow yet playful narrative. Our 3D concept design was shared with technical event production company Hawthorn who engineered the structure.
The content was created over a production period of four weeks, and the installation was built in two days.

This display drew more visitors than any other free show in the Theatre and Performance galleries.

Video installation for the Victoria and Albert Museum, London 2016 

Construction: Hawthorn, Video Technician: Jack Jewel, Curation: Kate Bailey and Emily Harris 

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