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Palma brought to life a series of digital canvases, pushing NHM into new areas of ambition and design.


When the natural history museums commissioned the most radical use of their Waterhouse gallery they needed digital content to match the ambition of the radical design. Palma with our years of experience delivering incredible and engaging AV were the natural creative studio to partner with.


The resulting experience is a bold new approach combining objects and digital in a fluid and totally integrated design. The Time Out  review sums up perfectly “Modern, witty, spacious and high tech: they’re a window into what might be if the NHM was refounded in the 21st century”. 


Palma produced 3 massive stunning projections to include interaction, immersion and attraction. 


As you approach the gallery a beautiful animation visualising bird calls acts as an attractor to entice people from the traditional gallery next door to come and investigate - what is happening here?


Weave through the amazing exhibition design and you encounter a beautiful interactive murmuration. This beautiful phenomena of nature was recreated using tools usually used in Hollywood and places the visitor at the heart of a murmuration  surrounded by projections on 3 stunning descending sails from the roof flying around the space the visitor is invited to press a button and re-create a striking falcon attack. 

Finish at New Dawn is an immersive, meditative space with a bespoke surround soundscape that ends the exhibition with a positive moment showing how we can all live together.


Time out

Modern, witty, spacious and high tech: they’re a window into what might be if the NHM was refounded in the 21st century


it is great fun and it’s hard to understate how incredible it is to visit an exhibit at a British museum that actually feels like it’s from the present day (or perhaps even the future). 


Ian visits:

A hoot for all the family, our new exhibition invites you into their world like never before! Swirl around with a murmuration, chirp along with the dawn chorus

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