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We are a creative studio working across international exhibitions, cultural displays, theatrical productions, museum experiences, commercial product launches and live events. 

Our team of skilled artists, producers and sound designers is dedicated to assisting you in pinpointing your target audience, creating your narrative, building bespoke experiences and delivering an exceptional event. 

We build our teams bespoke to the project. This allows us to work within an existing creative team or deliver a large scale creative project independently. Our skills range from selecting the site, developing creative content, managing the technical setup and teardown. 


Our staff includes some of the most proficient and knowledgeable 3D artists, sound designers, curators and producers.

Our Services include:



Storyboarding & Concept Creation

Animation Production 

Film Production

3D Content Creation

Modeling & Rendering
Content Design

Original Audio Composition

Immersive Experiences

Stage Design



Site Selection

Permits & Venue Contracting

On-site Setup & Strike



Technical Consultancy

Curatorial Consultancy 

Immersive Consultancy


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